Dear reader,

We proudly present you an amazing interactive storybook for children and adults based on writings of L. Frank Baum - author of the famous "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".
Enter the world full of magic, adventures and mysteries. Meet amazing fairies, brave Prince, robbers and bandits, kings of all sorts, mighty dragons, evil dwarfs and many more....

Experience fear, friendship, honesty, bravery and victory.
Join the adventure and explore the island, find and collect hidden tokens and you will be rewarded!


✯ Beautiful illustrations and Amazing animations

✯ Realistic physics and loads of awesome interactions

✯ Experience magic, rain, snow, lightning, fire breathing and other cool effects

✯ Sweep magic powder of mirrors and find what is hiding underneath

✯ Cover of the book changes depending on what chapter you left off

✯ Find and collect hidden tokens. A prize is waiting for you at the end.

✯ Follow the story on amazing interactive map of the island

Enjoy it!


Very talented team that brought you this amazing storybook:

Niko Poljanšek - student, programer, animator, 3d visualizer, designer who lives and works in Maribor, Slovenia. He's aim is to enhance his knowledge and further develop his skils and talents. He is open for big projects and always looking forward to collaborate with other talented people.

Mojca Dolinar - is a freelance artist, illustrator and designer who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is most influenced by nature, traveling and books. Remote mountains or lonely adriatic island are often the place she'd like to be. White paper, colorful pens and cofee are always by her side.